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We would like to advise you that the AICIP website is currently under maintenance.

This process may affect the ‘find an inspector’ search function. If you are a current AICIP certification holder you may not show up in the search, or your information may not be displayed correctly. We encourage you or your employer to contact the AICIP office, either by phone 03 9486 9267 or email admin@aicip.org.au , if you seek confirmation of the certification.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused while we endeavor to successfully complete this process.

Want to find an inspector? Our search option makes it easy for owners of pressure equipment and plant to find a currently
registered AICIP Certified Inspector.

If you want to find a particular inspector, complete the nominated fields and click search.

If you do not find the Inspector you're looking for, please contact us to validate the inspectors certification.

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