Who we are

The Australian Institute for the Certification of Inspection Personnel is a not for profit voluntary organisation examining the competencies of PE inspection personnel. Formed in 1995 due to change in government; the changes urged industry to self-regulate. Self-regulation focused on manufacture; installation; and operation of engineered plant. In particular, owners of in-service plant needed to ensure that inspections were completed by competent persons. Developed by industry organisations, with the support of the state regulatory authorities, AICIP now provides competency certification programs for inspection personnel that are highly regarded and respected by industry.

Our vision

AICIP’s vision is to be recognised as Australia’s peak body for the certification of PE inspectors; to align with industry; to maximise our opportunities through our online presence; and continued improvement and development of exams.

Our board of directors

The AICIP Board is comprised of voluntary members of the industry.

The AICIP Board of Directors have the overall power to manage and control the company in accordance with specific powers vested under the AICIP Constitution and as the Officers of the organisation under the Corporations Act.

Peter Eckberg

CAAA Member Representative

Neil Young

AINDT Member Representative

David Lake

ACA Member Representative

Madeline Laurenson

Engineers Australia Member Representative

Nick Ferguson

Materials Australia Member Representative

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