Published : October 2017

Changes to recertification

Recent improvements to the recertification processes have changed the requirements for the Recertification exam for ISI and SISI (Paper F).
As a result from 15 years of renewal experience along with a move to closer align with best international practice and removal of unnecessary costs to industry, inspectors and AICIP, the requirement to undertake Paper F Examination for the 10 year Recertification is no longer a mandatory requirement. Paper F will only be applied at the discretion of AICIP In cases where:

  • the application or requested information of evidence is considered incomplete or inadequate to enable assessment of the applicants continued competency.
  • an inspector has not practiced inspection of Pressure Equipment or not been registered for more than 5 years, or
  • there is clear evidence of serious incompetence or departures from the code of ethics.
  • Assessment of continuing competency is based off full assessment of past and current inspection reports, types and extent of Pressure Equipment inspected, CPL and verbal confirmation of satisfactory inspection performance from a client or inspection body where employed.
    The fees to renew certification will remain as currently set. Applications will be reviewed on receipt and applicants advised accordingly to the above.Any enquires regarding the matter should be directed to the AICIP Administrator.

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