Published : December 2017

Merry Christmas from AICIP

Dear AICIP Members; Associates; Directors and industry members,

We are about to bid 2017 goodbye and are preparing for the challenges of 2018 without realising how fast the current year has passed.

In 2017 AICIP has experienced the most significant changes I have seen since my involvement and I am not taking for granted in what we have achieved in the last 12 month. We all can be very grateful for the engagement; enthusiasm; and performance of  a progressive and effective management team, and I personally would like to thank everyone involved for their support and cooperation.

With the employment of a new certification officer we have paved the path to our ongoing success in 2018. We are also proud on our new website which is a milestone in the history of our institution.

In an always changing world we have to meet future challenges and I am looking forward to continuing to work together with our team.

Especially during the festive season we are thoughtful of those who are not so lucky and privileged as we are.

I would like to wish you a peaceful and safe festive season; hoping you have the time to recover from a busy year.

I look forward to a smooth transition into 2018.

With Kind Regards, 

Peter Eckberg
AICIP Chairman 

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